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If you are interested in GPU spec mining this new cryptocurrency project, the CUDA TT-Miner 3.0.6 Beta 1 version now supports this coin.

This third-party miner is currently recommended over the official ProgPow miner if you have an Nvidia rig (AMD rigs should use the official OpenCL miner).

As it is still in beta, this version of TT-MIner is not yet available natively in Hive. This guide will walk you through a work-around so your rigs will be up & running in a few minutes.

At the moment is the only public pool available for Epic.   This pool is also in beta status, but is working well with the new TT-Miner. 

The pool relies on username/password rather than a wallet address, so you don’t even have to setup a node or wallet to start mining.


What we are going to do is first create a flightsheet using the existing TT-Miner 3.0.4 in Hive.  We’ll setup everything and run it once so your rig will download all of the required files.

Then we’ll stop the miner and run a script that will copy the new TT-Miner 3.0.6 Beta files over the existing miner.  After that you should be good to go.


These instructions are for educational purposes only.

Spec mining is risky.  Making changes to your Hive rig is risky.  While many hours have been put into testing this work-around, there may be unforeseen issues. Try at your own risk.

Step 1: Create Wallet

Hive already lists EPIC as a coin so select it.

In Address section enter a unique username that no one else will use.  You can add some random characters for extra security.

For the wallet Name you can enter whatever you want.

Step 2: Create Flightsheet

Coin: Select EPIC again

Wallet: Select the wallet you just created

Pool: Select “Configure in miner”

Miner: Select “TT-Miner” then click “Setup Miner Config”

Enter the following information:

Hash algorithm: PROGPOW092

Wallet and worker template: %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%

Pool server:port:

Pass: Enter a unique password here & keep it secret. It will be used to withdraw your payments.

Extra config arguments: -coin EPIC

You can add additional args if you prefer.


Apply changes to miner config and click the button to create flight sheet.

Step 3: Run Flightsheet

You can apply the flight sheet to multiple rigs, but it may be a good idea to test all steps on one rig first.  Once you confirmed everything is working properly, you can do this setup in bulk.

Let the miner run for about a minute.  It won’t hash anything until we update TT-Miner to the new version, but it will download the files required to mine Epic. You can check miner logs if you want to verify that miner was installed properly and attempted to run, but it probably isn’t necessary.

After about a 30-60 seconds stop the miner.


Step 4: Install latest TT-Miner beta version

Copy this entire string to your clipboard:


cd /tmp && curl -L --insecure -s -O && sh

 It should be all on one line when you paste it.

This command will run a script to download and install the miner on your rig.  If you want to see what the script does before running it, you can view it here.

Click on your worker’s Run Command icon, it looks something like this:  >_

Paste the command into the prompt and click Run.

After several seconds, the Hive dashboard should show that the command’s status is complete.  You can click on it to view the results.

You should see info about the new miner being downloaded, and if you scroll to the bottom there should be a success message.

 To apply this command to multiple rigs at once, you can run it from your Farm dashboard. 


Step 5: Restart Miner

Now that the miner code has been updated, you can restart the miner with the flight sheet you just created.

Due to Epic’s unique method of rotating between algorithms on each block, your GPUs will only mine during ProgPow blocks.  This will be about 38% of the time.

Your stats will often be empty on your Hive dashboard due to the 62% downtime.  Don’t worry, this is normal.  Stats will display occasionally when mining ProgPow blocks.

 It is a good idea to check your miner logs to make sure there are no connection errors or other issues.

As the stats are not always visible on the Hive dashboard, the easiest way to check your miner status is on the pool.  Just enter your unique username on the wallet page to see your stats.


Once you see your shares on icemining pool, you can celebrate a job well done.

If you found this guide helpful, please let me know.  You can find me on twitter, the icemining Discord, & the Proof of Walken Discord (with ProgPow & RandomX channels to discuss Epic)